14 Easy and Healthy Meals For Elderlies

Healthy living is now the priority of our life. It includes both physical and mental wellbeing. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving a healthy lifestyle takes a balanced diet, constant physical activities, and mental relaxation. A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for seniors for better organ and brain function, strengthening their immune system, and preventing sickness. The internet is full of healthy recipes and information regarding nutrition. Unfortunately, most of them are youth-centric. It’s quite tough to dig out particular information about meals for seniors from millions of articles. Meals for seniors need to be well balanced, nutrient, and not a kind that may affect their chronic illness like diabetes. In this post, we are going to share some healthy and quick meals for elders. Let’s have a look.

Breakfast for elders

This is the most important meal of the day. It should be easily digestible and healthy. Breakfast may include the following items.


Smoothies are great for all ages. Green smoothies particularly contain vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for elders.


Salad is refreshing and keeps you hydrated for a long while. Fruit as well as a vegetable salad are full of antioxidants and vitamins to prevent chronic diseases.


French and avocado toasts are quick to prepare and comfortable to the elders’ teeth. These toasts include healthy fiber and grain that assist your digestion process.


Oatmeal makes us feel fuller for a long time. It’s a wonderful ingredient that can be consumed as a major meal. Oatmeal is high in fiber but low in calories, which is excellent for keeping you fit. 


Though many of us avoid potatoes for having starch, it is still healthy due to the presence of high fiber, minerals, and vitamins. If it is processed in a healthy way, potatoes can be a considerable meal for breakfast. 

Lunch for elders

Lunch recipes for seniors should cover some protein and vegetable items like follows.

Grilled chicken

Since elders tend to lose muscles gradually, chicken can be a solid protein source for them. 

Beef with vegetable

Beef is another major source of protein that helps to prevent muscle loss and repair cells. If beef is cooked combining with vegetables, you get extra nutrition.


A solid and easy way to get regular protein is to consume eggs in your lunch. Egg provides a high amount of vitamin A, D, and protein and its recipes are quick to prepare.


Vegetable dishes are great for lunch since they provide necessary plant-based nutrition. 

Dinner ideas

Dinner can be similar to the lunch menu. But, some other dishes can be included, like baked salmon, green beans, vegetable stew, shrimp, and other healthy ingredients. Dishes in dinner should be comfortable with your guts and healthy. 

Healthy snacks

In the mid-morning and the afternoon, elders can take some healthy snacks to energize their bodies again. Fresh fruits, dried fruit, nuts, yogurt, and eggs are excellent healthy options of snacks. Elders should focus on protein-based snacks.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is a major reason for chronic and cardiac diseases. It is extremely harmful to elders because their organs are very sensitive. Nicotine in the cigarette can dangerously harm their lungs and heart, even if it can result in death. If you are an elder with an extreme smoking habit, try nicotine-free vaping. Check this link to find out the suitable and recommended e-liquid for nicotine-free vaping → https://www.vaporsolo.com/e-liquids/.

Whatever a meal for seniors contains, the focus should be including healthy eating and disease prevention. Always discuss with a doctor to include recommended foods in your diet.

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