The 30 Show: A Reminder That Dreams Don’t Have An Expiry Date

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With all of our plans and dreams staying on hold during 2020 and what it brought with it from a global pandemic and an economic recession, everyone is terrified of what’s to come. Therefore, people are now cautiously calculating every step and decision in their lives and careers. If we put 2020 aside, there is a substantial challenge that faces individuals who are turning 30. Everyone is afraid to approach their 30s, thinking that their 20s is a deadline to achieve their dreams and a certain level of success. Maybe it’s because of peer pressure or society’s expectations of where someone should be in their lives at that age.

We made sure that the topics planned to be discussed are diverse and of interest to the 30-year-old age group, to be related to character formation and your ability to be effective in society, whether in practical or personal aspects, so the topics of our first season include post-graduation education, startups, and entrepreneurs, physical health and diet, love and marriage, traveling…etc.

Aya Abdelhakeem, Presenter

A super cool new web series called “The 30 Show” was recently launched on YouTube, and we’re in love with its idea. The show highlights the fact that there is no deadline or an expiry date for our dreams and passions, and that one shouldn’t be afraid to grow and learn. Of course, the show tackles these ideas and notions in a fun and lighthearted way.

We made sure through social media platforms which have become the first and main window for young people, to provide interactive content aimed at achieving the maximum benefit and addressing vital issues that are distinct in the lives of younger generations as it is the stage of independence, life and professional construction, and full maturity away from parents’ wings as its the first steps toward determining an entire life’s fate.

Tarek Abbas, Co-Host

So far they have two episodes on social media, but we’re excited to see more in the weeks to come!

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