Hipster Freska Guy Came to our Office and Here’s what you Need to Know


Two weeks ago we fell in love with a guy roaming the streets of Alexandria with a box full of freskas. We reached out to him and invited him over to our office, and as expected, our love and admiration were doubled. What started as thousands of people showing him support for fighting stereotyping and labeling, soon took an ugly turn and the social media backlash was hateful and absolutely vicious.

Youssef Adam is currently facing the cruel reality of social media after an old video of him selling gandofly surfaced which for some reason made people think he lost his credibility as if he was caught working at a bank. Later another photo of him enjoying his time at a party he was invited to caused further rage as people felt that the expensive suit he was wearing, which was given to him as a gift by designer, Mohanad Kojak, made him look rich and unworthy of all the help he’s been receiving.

The man who came to our office was a simple Egyptian guy, who did nothing wrong but try be different on the streets while doing his job. He got his 15 minutes of fame and instead of trying to make good use of it in finding a proper job, he is defending his past on social media. His only mistake was not expecting the social media haters who just have to rain on everyone’s parade.

No one idolized him and no one expected anyone to aspire to be him, he is simply an interesting man on the streets who deserves a break. There are millions of freska guys out there, but the harsh truth is that this one was smart enough to grab enough attention. This does not mean you should sell freskas, the message is don’t be afraid to be your unique self even when everyone attacks you. It doesn’t matter who you help, because someone will always think there are others more worthy of your time. Leave the guy in peace.


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