Dear Egypt, Help Us Find This Hipster Freska Guy



In Egypt, if you choose to be a ballerina, you’ll be called a ra2asa. If you want to be an actor, you are unrealistic. If you want to be a musician, you’ll be called a fashel. If you are a doctor who quits his career to be a photographer, you are not an inspiration, you simply gave up. If you dare look different, you are not fashion-forward, you are a weirdo. If you try a different haircut, you are bullied. If you think becoming an Uber driver is a cool summer job, you’ll be laughed at, you prideless sawa2.

We are the masters of stereotyping and murdering any creativity God planted in our souls. Most of us fear the judgement and bullying that is tagged along with uniqueness, leaving us dressing, behaving and talking in a monotonous mundane manner. I came across a viral post last night of a  magazine-cover worthy young guy who sells freska Downtown in Cairo.




The post shares his unique and individual personality, where he obviously takes excellent care of his looks while selling freska, putting a smile on everyone’s face with his up-beat spirit and headphones that are blasting English music, that is until stereotyping found him and that smile faded away.

Honestly, this post made my day, not because of him per say, but this is a young man who represents everyone who fought a mainstream existence and dared to be different in a country where diversity is non-existent. I can’t even imagine how many people tried to strip away his positivity. I’m very proud of him as he has more guts than me and you combined.

That being said, I would love meet this brave hipster roaming the streets of Cairo. If anyone reads this article and finds him, please ask him to come to our office in Maadi. I will personally buy a 100 freskas, 50 goz hind, in addition to what everyone else will be getting. Also because his spirit touched me when I least expected to be inspired, the one and only brilliant Egyptian fashion designer Mohanad Kojak and our in-house fashion blogger and expert, Mostafa Waheed, will work their magic and give him statement items that will add even more swag to his natural hipster self.

Dear Egypt, help us spread positivity and bring us this beautiful person. Freska man, all I need is extra 3asal in the freskas, for you to show up at our door with huge smile on your face and to never ever change.


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