There’s a Replica of the Cafe From ‘Friends’ in Port Said

central perk pic 1
Friends mania has reached its peak in Egypt and we’re not complaining, Egypt is now opening it’s very own Central Perk and people are going crazy. It seems like the people of Port Said are making dreams come true, by creating a carbon copy of the much beloved café. This café is sure to be a hit, I mean everybody loves friends and if you don’t, not only are you in the smallest minority known to man but there is probably something wrong with you.

This café is opening on Christmas day, so do yourself a favor, head down to Port Said and give yourself a treat. We’ve all dreamt of going to central perk since we saw the first episode whether it was last year or twenty years ago.
central perk pic 2

central perk pic 3

central perk pic 4
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