Egyptian Student With Highest Thanaweya Amma Score Is on the Autism Spectrum

This year, Egypt has taken it upon itself to embrace inclusion and a young man just gave thousands of parents hope. Egyptian student, Marwan Wahid Hammad, just scored the highest Thanaweya Amma grades in science/mathematics sections at 98.9 percent.

Why is Marwan any different? Because this brilliant young man from Sharqiya is on the autism spectrum. During an interview with Shorouk News, the young student said that the Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, delivered the news personally to his family. Marwan dreams of studying engineering to become an architect in the future.

Via Shorouk News

Marwan’s father, Wahid Awad, explained that his son had autistic features ever since he was two years old. Yet, his family did not give up on him and sought treatment as they knew he was meant for greatness. Well, Marwan just proved them right.

This is a message to every parent in the country struggling with finding adequate behavioural and cognitive therapy, school rejections, lack of career opportunities, and the constant social stigmas surrounding autism. This is also a message to all the schools who refuse to include students on the spectrum, rejecting them in school interviews, even when they are academically fine.

What most people don’t realize is that high-functioning autistic individuals might suffer socially and and find difficulty in adapting to the surrounding enviroment, yet they can still lead a normal life and some are brilliant academically. Never give up on your child.

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