This Young Egyptian Adult with High-Functioning Autism Challenges Society and Becomes an Entrepreneur

By Muhammed Kotb

Located just off Mossadek Street in Dokki, “Kareem’s Awesome World” is the cultural and social hub college students have been on the lookout for. It all started in March of 2017, when Kareem, a young adult on the spectrum, decided to share with the world his unique perspective; his dream was to open up a business of his own to gain financial independence and raise awareness about autism.

An inspiring journey of entrepreneurship began when Kareem had the idea of selling entertainment products, but after a trial that proved itself to be inapplicable, the young talented boy did not give up and decided to bring entertainment to the customers in person.

With the help of his supportive mother Dr. Doaa, he chose a spot not so far from the social scene of college students and being the comic book fan that he is, he had to decorate it in that Marvel/DC vibe. They painted the place in welcoming relaxing colors and made sure to have inspirational quotes on every wall, and voilà, Kareem’s Awesome World was brought into existence.

It is an awesome world indeed, because once you step foot there, it feels like home and you become a regular customer. The co-working space gets about a hundred students per day who come to either study in a calm environment, work on group projects, conduct meetings, or just enjoy the atmosphere.

Being one of the few places that offer a wide variety of board games, comic books, and virtual reality equipment, Kareem is mixing between fun and professionalism in his awesome space.

With this business, Kareem is shattering society norms about autism and proving that despite our superficial differences, we all are similar on the inside. Indeed, autism is difficult, yet in a way, a beautiful condition that Kareem struggles with, but the best thing about him is that he did not give up, and that is something you do not see every day!

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