UAE Starts Giving Free Visas to Tourists Under the Age of 18

By Lamis Ismail

According to Gulf News, Dubai is one of the best places in the Middle East to spend your summer in. It is known for it’s amazing hospitality and glitzy glamor. You can have so much fun with your beloved ones and family.

And guess what? You’re lucky because today, the UAE is now offering free visas to tourists under the age 18 every year between July 15th and September 15th.

Via Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

It is a good move to encourage more people to choose the UAE as their next destination. Children under the age 18 won’t pay any visa fees on the condition that their parents are travelling with them. Family and friends will be attracted to the Emirates to enjoy its luxury hotels, beaches, and world class shopping facilities.

Also, Rakan Rashidi, the director general of the Foreigners’ Affairs and Ports Authority, announced that travellers could use easier methods to apply for a visa through its website

WE SAID THIS: This new decision will no doubt benefit the UAE in the long term.

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