An Egyptian Man Named His Child ‘Putin’ and We Don’t Know How to Feel



Picking a name for your child can sometimes feel overwhelming. In addition to the possibilities you think up, it’s likely that friends and relatives will offer suggestions of their own – whether you want them to or not. There’s no right or wrong way to pick a name for your baby…or so we thought! News broke that Egyptian journalist Moemen Mokhtar decided to name his newborn child, “Putin.” Yes! Putin freakin’ Mokhtar, and we’re not entirely sure how we’re supposed to feel.




The father expressed his deep love for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, saying that “I want him to know that he is named after a powerful leader.” He also added that his son “Putin Mokhtar doesn’t have to be president just yet.” Mokhtar hopes his gesture will help strengthen the Russian-Egyptian relations.




Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time an Egyptian parent decides to name his son after the Russian president. Last November, a pharmacist from Hurghada named his child “Vladimir Romani Salah” to show his affection to the very Russian man who puts Chuck Norris to shame.




WE SAID THIS: Excuse us while we name our child Beyonce.