Back to The Office? Here’re The Tips to Help You Manage Your Return

By Nour El-Miligi

Due to the sudden shifts happening because of the coronavirus, most of the physical job errands have changed to mostly online-based, working remotely. But as entities have gradually started going back to normal work commutes, we ought to start preparing ourselves both physically and mentally for this inevitable step that sooner or later, and whether you like it or not, eventually will happen. Here are some tips and tricks to back you up to keep things rolling smoothly!

Rehearse your comeback

We understand how wonderful it has been for you to wake up 5 mins before work-time, having bed breakfasts and working in your favorite comfy PJ. So to suddenly change all of that can be challenging. That’s why it’s better to start waking up a bit earlier, dressing a bit more casual, and mentally picture yourself going to work. Simple, yet an effective step-by-step preparatory trick.

Get in touch with your work colleagues before going back to the office

It feels like an eternity since we last had a morning coffee at work and interacted with colleagues, and as working from home has weakened the social bonds due to lack of face to face interaction, you’ll need to start considering having small chitchats with your favorite workmates, even sending memes through phone, to break the ice and feel no awkwardness when you meet them again in person.

Take all the precautionary measures

The time of tribulation we’re living to date has caused many people to suffer from anxiety and instability because of the state of uncertainty and imbalance. Before anything, your physical and mental safety should be your utmost priority.  This is in-fact achievable, by taking good care of social distancing, wearing face masks and gloves throughout the entire working hours, as ramping up your digital hygiene should be your main focus.  Taking all your precautions will help calm your anxious thoughts and keep you safe and sound.

Start off with the simple tasks 

You might feel drained and laid back, not being used to working from office again. In order not to pressure yourself from the beginning, start with the duties as simple as responding to an email, to burn off stress. One step at a time and you’ll gradually gear up your performance and the office-working spirit.

Be kind and empathetic 

Practice them both with yourself and others and this happens when you start embracing the fact that you’re a human-like anybody else, who has normal fears and doubts, especially during times of uncertainty like these. Treat insecurities of yours and others kindly and know you’re not alone in this.

For the foreseeable future, we will experience high alert stress, but try reframing dread from working in the office, into enthusiasm. 

WE SAID THIS: You can do it!