Alicia Keys Is set to Be the latest artist to perform at Dubai’s Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo has seen a wide range of cultures and traditions that have brought us together to celebrate the region’s diversity. One of the most important aspects of this expo is music; through it, we get the chance to showcase our talents and promote our culture. This month, big stars like Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama will make their debut with lovely songs that reflect our great musical taste and the wealth of talent in our region.

Throughout the exhibition, several genres of music will be played, including Bedouin music, K-pop, and pop music, showing the depth and diversity of the music that Dubai enjoys.

Alicia Keys, the queen of R&B/Soul music, will be performing at the Expo in Dubai. She will be the first foreign artist to play as part of the Infinite Nights series at Expo 2020 Dubai, which begins on December 10.

Keys acknowledged her enthusiasm about the opportunity to play on a different stage by saying:

I’m so pleased to share such a stunningly unique and remarkable performance on the eve of the release of my new album ‘Keys’ with the world, and I’m so excited to participate in Expo 2020 Dubai’s Infinite Nights series.

Alicia Keys via Arab News

Keys is a 15-time Grammy Award winner who has enchanted the globe with her unique and exquisite voice, which portrays a bold theme while remaining true to R&B and soul music’s artistic roots. Alicia Keys will be a fantastic addition to the Expo’s artists and performers since she will broaden the musical spectrum while also connecting with an audience that knows her songs by heart and is excited to see her do her magic on stage.

via: People

In a statement, Lubna Haroun, vice president of Expo 2020’s main talent guest group, Moment-Makers, said:

We are thrilled to have Alicia Keys to Expo 2020 to headline our Infinite Nights series, following the phenomenal success of our Arab musicians in October and November.

Lubna Haroun, vice president of Expo 2020’s main talent guest group via Arab News

The next album by Alicia Keys, titled “Keys,” will be about breaking free from the limitations imposed by society, which prevent us from realizing our full potential. As a result, the Expo’s principles of evolution and creativity will be reflected, paving the way for innovation and transformation.

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The cover art for the long-awaited album “Keys” has been revealed.

WE SAID THIS: Now we can’t wait to see Alicia Keys kill it on stage and rock the show like she always does!