Add Fiesta to Your Life With These Middle East Inspired Nachos

The fusion of a classic tex-mex cheesy nacho dish is a gate way to heaven. Loaded, crispy, and flavourful, nachos are a great snack and party appetizer. Adding a Middle Eastern-Latin twist to this restaurant platter is an out-of-the-box way to entertain your guests. Replace the sour cream, cheddar cheese, and classic corn chips with tahini, pine seeds, thyme, and pomegranate. Not only are they healthier, but they will bring a twist on home favourites. When was the last time you had gooey shawarma nachos? For full recipes, click on titles.

Shawarma nachos

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This shawarma nacho will kick your socks off! Usually picked up from the streets snuggly wrapped in a wrap, it can also be sharable finger food. Layer to perfection with pickles, herbs, and veggies, thendip into a garlic sauce or tahini.

Mexican layered hummus dip

This Mexican hummus dip is a crowd pleaser. Hummus fanatics will love this recipe. Also, it’s practicality allows you to use left over veggies and toppings.

Beef fatteh nachos

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Roasted pine nuts, beef, and generously tahini drizzled nachos is a fatteh-nacho love affair. Dress up with chickpeas and spiced beef, then squeeze some lemon. Although fatteh is a staple in most Arab countries, this is a more impressive presentation.

Falafel nachos

Similar to having beans on nachos, this recipe takes it a step further by using falafel! Just like a sandwich, lay pita bread and top as you go. Mini falafels work best here. Almost all ingredients can be bought pre-made, leaving you to assemble and go.

Feta cheese mediterranean nachos

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This recipe is not only Middle East-inspired, it’s vegan and very healthy. Made with plum tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese on a bed of oven-roasted pita bread, this snack screams summer. Don’t let the fun stop and add more flavour by dipping into hummus.

WE SAID THIS: Add guacamole on the side to keep the Mexican roots!