How to Enjoy a Day at Home

By Mai Aljazairy

It’s summer, and the weather just keeps on getting hotter. Most people leave their houses to spend their days off by the beach. However, some of us might be stuck in the house, unable to find something fun to do. So, here is a list of things you can do to enjoy your own company at home. 

Bake or cook…or both!

If you’ve never tried baking or cooking, this might be an opportunity for you to try it out. The internet has many simple recipes that you can follow. You can start by trying to bake a cake in a mug, or a simple breakfast that you can indulge in the morning. 

Clean up 

Take the chance while you’re sitting and not doing anything to tidy up your room. You don’t have to clean it ALL up. You can clean a corner that has been bothering you for a while, or “the chair” that we are all guilty of having in our rooms. The beneficial part is that you will definitely find an item or two that you’ve forgotten about.

Re-decorate your room 

The internet has so many DIY and re-decorating videos. Take the time to craft something with your own hands or re-decorating your room. Shifting the furniture’s place or hanging up a photo could give you a vibe of newness.

Host a movie night

Hosting a movie night at your home could also be a fun way to pass the day. You can start by buying or preparing what you and your friends will munch on during the movie. Then you can set up the place where you will be sitting. This activity will help in passing the day faster since you will be busy the whole day planning it. 

Treat yourself 

Take the chance of having a free day to pamper yourself with a home day spa. You can enjoy a nice hot bath where you can chill and relax your muscles. Or treat your skin and hair to a nurturing mask. You will thank us later. 

Read a book 

Enlighten your mind with the book you’ve been planning to read for ages. Filling your spare time with a book could be very entertaining. You will gain knowledge and/or have an imaginary scenario accommodating you’re reading.

Binge Watch your favorite show

Finally, what we all do. Binge watch our favourite shows. A guaranteed fun way to spend the day. A plus would be staying at home alone. You can blast the volume on high and enjoy the moment. 

WE SAID THIS: Your home is your castle!