Teen Choice Awards Best & Worst Dressed

Each year teens get to choose the best of their stars to reward them. It’s amazing how today’s stars were previous generation’s teen stars. Today’s teen stars are more glamorous, can’t wait till they are hitting the Oscar’s red carpet … well not all of them of course, here is the best and the worst styles of the Teen Choice awards 2013.


Miley Cyrus

Regardless of Miley’s good girl gone bad style evolution, she managed to look cheap, vulgar and flashy all in one outfit. In a failing trial to show off a bondage outfit, she failed and went with white simple heels which obviously doesn’t match her dress / garbage bag. The sheer shirt looked more like something a streetwalker would wear. I have a message for her; you will never pull off a Rihanna, so stop trying.

Rebel Wilson

That outfit was a total joke, and frankly nobody should joke around in an award ceremony. Wearing a diving / surfing suit with your name on it is not a very bright idea. The outfit highlighted all Rebel’s curves in a graphic way I wouldn’t want to see again. The neckline was awkward, somewhere between Egyptian countryside and a cheap hobo shirt. Her shot on side swept bangs failed as well.

Hailee Steinfeld

Being 16, her makeup was too much for her age and for the dress. Her shoes didn’t really fit her feet. The dress is sort of creepy. Why did it end mid calve? Isn’t it a fish tail dress? And the print, what is this? Is it a drawing of the sun? It’s just an overall weird look.

Ashley Benson

She looked like she was in a hurry / her stylist is blind / there were no mirrors in her hotel room. Her skirt was hideous, with too much work on the knitting and the beading and peplums. The colors of the skirt and the simple crop top didn’t match. Her bag looked like it came from the 80’s and not the good side of the 80’s. The only thing that was good about her outfit was the salmon shoes, which didn’t go with the rest of the outfit.

Hayely Williams

Amazing performance, poor looks. She messed up her hair; it looks like it was cut from a weird horror movie. She could have gone with a simple black leather dress, with better leather quality and better fitting of course; but she just had to add that white cage.  The cage was a bad addition, because it’s a white leather cage on a dress.



Shay Mitchell

That is the right way to wear a jumpsuit in an award ceremony. Amazing monochrome suit highlighted shay’s best assets without looking tasteless. The shiny golden heels broke off the monochrome and made the outfit look interesting. Shay looked all grown up and ready for Hollywood.

Lily Collins

Her tiny frame, pale skin and thick brows is the perfect combination. Pulling off a short long dramatic skirt with a simple black top, she looked more than stunning. Her Hollywood glam up do is truly an inspiration for a chic yet effortless look. If you have great legs like Lily, this skirt will show just enough for a young lady.

Lucy Hale

She looked young, sexy and expensive. The all-white outfit matched with a white clutch, left Lucy looking fresh as always. Her black minimalistic strappy shoes looked very elegant and complemented the outfit. Long loose beach waves are so in right now and Lucy knows how to pair them with minimal makeup.

Lea Michelle

Pretty in pink. A two toned color blocking pink dress went so well with her pink suede heels.  A bell skirt and signature bangs gave Lea a ladylike look that suited her current grief without looking dull. Her “Cory” necklace was such a sentimental touch, brought life to the look.

Selena Gomez

Finally, a bold dress that didn’t fail. Selena showed off amazing legs with this bold green number with two cuts. The cuts on the shoulders, added a little detail to the dress without looking trashy. Her nude shoes and straight hair, gave the dress the stage to be the main center of attention.