Tired of Netflix? Anicée Gohar’s Documentary Recommendations are the Perfect Way to Explore Middle Eastern Identity

Via ForSamaFilm

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing our lifestyles dramatically, from businesses shifting to work from home, schools and universities shutting down, and flights/events being canceled. People are encouraged to stay home in order to fight the spread of the deadly pandemic.

We’ve compiled lists of things to watch on Netflix and Shahid, Podcasts to try out, apps to use, books to read, and things to do while at home. In a similar manner, TV Producer and Writer Anicee Gohar started an Instagram highlight, where she posts daily about an interesting documentary that you should watch while in the quarantine.

Gohar added to her list of recommendations so far “For Sama”, “At Night, They Dance”, and “Joe’s Film”. She’ll keep on adding a new documentary every day that will definitely be worth your time; it’ll teach you something new, and change how you think. Each documentary will be posted within several stories that highlight why this documentary made it to the list and why you should watch it.

WE SAID THIS: Which documentary are you excited for the most?