Saudi Crown Prince Announces A Revival Project for Jeddah

Did you know that Jeddah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Jeddah, the historic city in Saudi Arabia is getting the royal treatment it deserves! The crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, announced an ambitious project to revamp the historic district. In light of this inspiring project, let’s revisit Jeddah and what the project aims to highlight!

Famously known as the Gate to Makkah, Jeddah is the largest city in the Hejaz region and the second-largest in the whole of Saudi Arabia. This coastal city has over 600 gorgeous pieces of architecture and hidden gems dating back to the 7th Century.

The Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan named the city’s port – the Port of Makkah instead of Al Shoaib Port. The port is extremely important for pilgrims heading to perform Hajj.

Jeddah soon flourished into a multicultural centre with an eclectic collection of architecture and culture.

FACT: The city didn’t have walls until the rule of the Ottomans, who built a wall around the old city. Within this wall, the city is divided into districts (harat), each filled with market places, Souks and Khanas.

The Most Notable Landmarks/Harat are:

Harat Al-Mathloum (District of the Wronged)

This district has the oldest mosque in the town, Al-Shafi’i Mosque dating back to the 13th century. Another beautiful mosque is the Ebony Mosque which was mentioned in the writings of Ibn Battuta.

Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum

This museum showcases the city’s diverse cultural heritage. You’ll find a collection that exhibits the fishing settlement dating back to the 3rd Century BC and history up until the Ottomans.

Plans for restoration shows the Kingdom’s commitment to celebrating its heritage and increasing tourism. Not only will it attract new business/ projects, but the redevelopment will make Jeddah a key destination for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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