Reasons Why Ras Sudr Is One of the Top Travel Destinations in Egypt All Year Long

Via Bayside

Recently, Ras Sudr has been gaining a lot of popularity among the Egyptian youth for all the right reasons. The beautiful Red Sea destination is the place to be throughout all the seasons.

I’ve been there twice last winter, and even though it’s impossible to swim in that weather, it didn’t remove from the fun we had! It’s nearly impossible to get bored in Ras Sudr, there is always something to do and interesting new people to meet.

Here is why Ras Sudr became one of the top travel destinations in Om El Donia!

It’s literally two hours away from Cairo

If the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel is empty, it won’t take you more than two hours to reach Ras Sudr from Cairo. One of the most annoying things about traveling to beautiful places like El Gouna, Dahab, and Nuweiba is that it takes forever to reach them.

Best kite surfing centers in the region

Ras Sudr is hands down one of the biggest hubs for kite surfing in the whole region. Adrenaline junkies who’d like to begin learning to kite surf won’t find a better place to take their courses. There are tons of centers like Soul, 360Sudr, Phoenix, and many more; where you can buy or rent your kit, take courses, practice, and they all have a wide variety of fun activities to do, like yoga and dance classes. Not to mention the very competitive King of the Lagoon kite surfing competition that takes place every year.

Diverse accommodation options

In Ras Sudr, I’ve stayed in a two bedroom apartment for EGP300 per night, as well as a double bedroom for EGP1500 per night! There are tons of accommodation options with different price ranges, so if you’re seeking a budget trip or a luxurious one, you can definitely make it happen on your terms.

Don’t let anyone tell you everywhere is fully booked, they probably just checked the popular places that sell out fast.

Relatively cheap

The most expensive places in Ras Sudr could only be compared to the cheap places in El Gouna. Whether we’re talking about accommodation, food, or anything it’s certainly easy to have the maximum fun in Ras Sudr while staying on budget.

Most of the parties are free to enter, and the ones you pay for are super cheap. And the main spot in Ras Sudr (El Souq) you can find anything you want for prices that you might not find in Cairo.

Natural hot springs

Ras Sudr is well known for its amazing natural hot springs. They’re not only very relaxing, soothing, and have great health benefits; they also have a great historical background that you would love to hear during the tour.

Unquestionably beautiful spots

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is subjective, and everyone can see beauty in their own standards. However, there are some places in Ras Sudr that are objectively beautiful. Nobody can debate the beauty of places like Bay Side, and the beach in La Hacienda. These places are so appealing to the eyes and very Instagrammable.

Pet-friendly destination

When you have good bois (doggos) as a part of your family, it’s heartbreaking when you leave them behind for a trip instead of spending time with them. Most of the cool beaches in Ras Sudr are pet-friendly, and you’ll love how your little pokémon will meet up with new friends while chilling in the water.

Music and live entertainment

Regardless the time of the year, if there is a long weekend, then Ras Sudr is an option. Places like Soul, 360, and Bayside throw amazing parties and organize fun live entertainment line-ups for long weekends.

We spent New Year’s Eve last year in Ras Sudr, and when the cheapest party in Cairo or Gouna was more than 1K, 360Sudr organized an amazing celebration called Andromeda for only EGP650!

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