Mommy Diaries: The D-Word

It’s everywhere… looming around us, like an uncontrollable contagious disease that is just waiting to pounce on unsuspecting suckers.


People are getting divorced left, right and center and the crowds are going wild. Its like people are feeding off this bad news baby. Not only is this the gasoline to any gossip frenzy, but it’s also the end of one of the most beautiful unions ever known to mankind.

Did you hear? I heard he has a drinking problem. I heard she’s in love with somebody else. His mother is behind it, she never liked her. He’s poorer than they thought. She gained too much weight after having his baby. It’s all her fault; she shouldn’t have let him get that close to her friends.

Everyone has something to say about it. Everyone saw it coming from a mile away.

Marriage is the cornerstone of society. It’s the foundation on which we build our families. And it’s being torn to pieces by people who disrespect it by spreading gossip and lies that makes them seem cooler and more informed.

It happens. Divorce happens. Sometimes it’s amicable. Sometimes it’s the only solution or the only way to right a wrong. But sometimes it’s just the result of too much responsibility thrown at people who aren’t ready to handle it. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no position to judge, neither are you. But think about this…

I highly doubt that any little girl looks forward to her divorce, but it seems like it just isn’t a big deal anymore. We live in a high tech and fast paced world. Instant gratification. I want it now and if it isn’t what I expected I’ll toss it and move onto the next. Whether it’s shoes, a new bag or even a marriage. But how can a union like marriage regain its blessed charm?