The ‘Bearded Bakers’ Are Exactly What We Prayed for This Ramadan


Knafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern desert filled with sweet cheese, topped pistachios, and dripping with sweet sweet sugar syrup; it’ll have you running for a glass of water afterwards. But now there’s an additional knafeh topping that’s making us extra thirsty, the Bearded Bakers.



Ameer El-Issa started the Knafeh after there was huge demand for the desert at his family’s cafe, the Shisha Bar and Grill,  which is “a re-purposed shipping container, adorned with street art and housing a commercial bakery.” The bakers, whose trademark is their sultry beards, consist of a mix of Palestinian Muslims and Christians who are baking their way into our hearts one bite of knafeh at a time. The containers, which pop up around Sydney and Melbourne, are named after El-Issa’s father’s hometown, Jerusalem, “we’re using it to bring you one of our families best kept secrets. Because the best things in life, are best shared.”



The Bearded Bakers don’t only serve the best knafeh in town, they also put on a show you had no idea you needed! They’re hipsters (the good kind), they’re Arab, they have Australian accents, THEY BAKE! Oh and they raised funds for Bowl Cancer Australia, can we just take a minute to #CantEven because anjed we literally can’t.



Their Instagram account has us drooling, for the knafeh of course…and possibly other reasons. Dear Bearded Bakers can you please ship your container on world tour, cause we really need yoooou…to make us some knafeh!

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