Dear Molten Lava Konafa, You Are Melting My Soul



Dear volcano konafa,


We just met yesterday, but for the first time in my life, I believe in love at first sight. I’ve been so angry at unrealistic fusion Ramadan desserts for so long that my heart stopped beating for konafas altogether until you happened.


I dreamed of you last night, resting in your glorious beauty on my dining table. You looked tough from the outside but I knew your inside would be silky smooth and the minute my spoon meets your body; heaven will explode out of you and send shivers down my spine.


I find myself crying as I look at you, and no, they are not happy tears. I’m crying for the dress I just bought that will never fit again, I cry for the cellulite I will have to welcome sooner than I’d like, I cry for the heaven that turned out to be pure evil calories floating through my arteries. Yalahwi begad, love is so blind right now, I can’t even.


But as George Michael once said, you are absolutely flawless. I apologize for quoting something so ancient in front of a majestic millennial like yourself, but I’m out of words because the soul ache is real. I truly believe that no woman on this planet would choose a man over you. EVER! You defy human nature and biology.


I leave you all with this konafa porn.




WE SAID THIS: Begad, we can’t stop watching this video…