Abu Dhabi to Host World Ocean Summit 2019

By Amira Eid 

The 6th edition of the World Summit of the Oceans, that will take place in 2019, is set to be held in the UAE. Blue Economy is the sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood, and jobs as well as maintaining the ocean’s ecosystem health.

Via Blancpain

The blue economy includes many activities renewable maritime energy, fisheries, maritime transport, waste management and it definitely has a great impact on tourism and climate change. The UAE government has started to develop its blue economy strategy, over the past years, in which the most important element is the construction of an economic sector. This sector is focused on innovation and modern technology to address many environmental challenges related to marine and ocean water.

During the fifth summit, which was held in Mexico 10th of March, the event’s organizers chose Abu Dhabi to be their next destination, as the UAE has become one of the key players in the sustainability of ocean economy.

This summit will gather more than 360 global leaders to discuss the challenges that are facing blue economy these days.

WE SAID THIS: We cannot wait for the summit of oceans 2019!