A Blend Of Health & History: Otrivin’s Air Bubble Arrives To Cairo

For the first time ever in Egypt, Otrivin, under the auspices of GSK Consumer Healthcare (member of the Haleon group), launched an air-purifying experience at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The centerpiece of the entire event is the spiral-shaped Air Bubble that stands tall with a backdrop of the glistening waters of Ain Al Sira lake. Anyone can come and try out the Air Bubble for themselves at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization until Dec. 19. By coming and entering the bubble, visitors will be part of the overarching initiative of designing a cleaner future.

Having been to several world locations including Scotland, Poland and Glasgow in COP26, it has now made its way to Egypt. It was built by ecoLogicStudio, a London-based firm spearheaded by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto who specialize in leveraging biotechnology to combat climate change.

Using natural and recyclable materials including rubber, the team created the Air Bubble, a simple structure that combines air, water, and algae to create a space with clean, purified air. According to the WHO, 93% of children globally breathe polluted air every day.

To bring to attention this global crisis, the inflated bubble was set up to showcase to kids what it’s like to be in a space with purified, clean air. Kids are encouraged to enter the bubble, play and experience its bouncing environment. Every jump and bounce makes air circulate through bioreactors filled with microalgae which would remove impurities from the air. The more they jump, the cleaner the air gets. Standing inside, kids get the opportunity to breathe pure, Oxygen-only air, a truly rejuvenating experience.

“We believe it is of utmost importance for young children to experience how they can play and at the same time contribute to cleaning the air,” said Nabil Besir, the General Manager of GSK Consumer Healthcare in North Africa, who believes that by exposing kids to the simple solution offered by the Air Bubble, they will be inspired to create bigger and better solutions in the future to combat climate change. 

This mere bubble is a small step of what could be possible when it comes to creating a new, carbon-neutral civilization. GSK Consumer Healthcare (member of the Haleon group) is the producer of some of the biggest self-care and consumer health products, ranging from Otrivin to Sensodyne, and has been taking big steps to promote sustainability and a cleaner environment. The company is acutely aware of the link between the environment and people’s health with air pollution alone having a strong negative impact on overall health levels. That is why GSK Consumer Healthcare aims to play a part in inspiring people to take action toward making the air cleaner.

Next year, they plan to package 60% of their products in fully recyclable material as part of improving their carbon footprint; the Air Bubble is only one step the company is aiding towards creating a better, cleaner future.

To join the effort, you can come, bring friends or family and try out the bubble yourself at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

WE SAID THIS: You can experience the Air Bubble for yourself by dropping it a visit before Dec.19.