5 Middle East Spots Where You Can Ski Through Golden Dunes

While sand surfing has been around since the first century, partly because most of the population of that time lived in desert areas, it is believed that sand surfing truly developed into a sport between the 19th and 20th centuries. As a result, there is no recognized “creator” for the game, although according to Tomorrow’s World Today, it is widely believed that ancient Egyptian pharaohs were responsible for its creation. But how about sand surfing in the Middle East? Do you hear often about sand surfing spots? Well, many spots in the Middle East are ideal for sand surfing, so we thought you should be aware of them as well.

Sharqiya Sands, Oman

Sand surfing can be conducted on the enchanted dunes of the Omani desert, which is an authentic and magnificent nation full of fascinating sites to visit. The Sharqiya Sands, a region in the Eastern Sand Desert, is a vast expanse of dunes that seem to go on forever. It is a favorite location for extreme board sports fans and one of the Sultanate of Oman’s most intriguing attractions. The Sharqiya Sands is situated in the Sultanate’s eastern region, just 190 kilometers and three hours by car from Muscat, the country of Oman’s capital. Off-road vehicles are the most effective means of accessing the dunes, and it is preferable to arrange a desert safari tour with a local guide and driver.

Gharb Soheil Village, Egypt

In the Nubian Desert, sand surfing is a popular activity that can be paired with a visit to the charming Nubian Village of The Gharb Soheil Nubian Village. It is situated on the west bank of the Nile River, an hour’s flight from Cairo, 15 minutes from Aswan International Airport, 25 minutes by boat from Aswan’s old market (located on the east bank), and roughly 30 minutes by vehicle from the city’s railway station.

Taghit, Algeria

The Sahara desert Oasis of Taghit, which is known as a natural wonder in Algeria but a site that few foreigners have heard of, is located in the western portion of Algeria not far from the Moroccan border. The vast Saharan sand dunes that extend for more than 600 km from here are the best area in Algeria to go sand surfing or skiing down them. This location is also ideal for quad-biking and camel riding in the desert. But if you’ve had your fill of sand, Taghit also has its fair share of historical sites, including some even older Petroglyphs from the Neolithic period, as well as ancient ruins from a 9th century fortified old-town called a “Ksar.”

Lahbab desert, Dubai

The crimson and tall dunes of the Dubai Desert are well-known. The majority of these dunes are between 10 and 30 meters tall. It is one of the best places for sand surfing in Dubai and has the Dubai-Hatta route that connects Dubai to the Lahbab desert, which is only a 40-minute drive away. The Lahbab Desert also serves as a home to native Arabs, giving visitors an opportunity to observe their way of life in its original form. Other enjoyable activities include riding a quad bike through the desert and going on a camel ride, which is a thrilling way to see the desert. it’s the perfect mix of all outdoor activities.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

The amazing Wadi Rum is about a four-hour drive south of the capital Amman and is where you can go sand surfing for some thrilling rides on the smooth sand. This is the only wadi that is appropriate for sand surfing. This is due to the fact that, in contrast to other wadis, this incredibly large desert wilderness contains both rocky regions and soft sand dunes where you may sled or surf. Wadi Rum is a protected region and a historical place, thus you cannot go there and explore on your own. Selecting an adventure tour is preferable because they will know just where to take you if you inquire about sand surfing activities. In the Wadi Rum settlement, you may sample some local cuisine and drink some tea as well as do some camel riding and rock climbing.

While sand surfing is a year-round activity, it is best practiced in moderate climates during cooler months like fall and winter. Sand surfing shouldn’t be done in the evening for safety reasons. Also, hot weather should be taken into consideration because it can be hazardous throughout the daytime, whether in deserts or on coastal beaches. Overall, sandboarding’s best times can vary depending on the region. Therefore, it’s advisable to first research the local weather before traveling to a location for sand surfing.

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