Craving A Unique Experience? Egypt’s Boutique Hotels Got You Covered

Staying at a boutique hotel is a great way to escape the conventionality of a typical hotel chain. They not only offer less rooms, some can have as little as five or 10 rooms, but they also have their own unique decor that gives the property its own identity and character. You would never find one boutique hotel similar to another.

The beauty of such an establishment is that it is also seeped in the culture of its surroundings. With a country like Egypt for example, you can experience its vast desert environment through its eco-friendly mud houses. At the same time, you can also dip your toes into some luxury through some of its more high-end mansions at extravagant locales like El Gouna.

Each stay will cater to different tastes. To get an overall look at what Egypt has to offer, we curated a special collection of the country’s diverse boutique hotels.

Alf Leila Boutique Hotel

Small and intimate, this Arabian-style 7 guest room boutique hotel located in the center of Dahab exudes a down-to-earth vibe. It brings in touches of Moroccan architecture with its central courtyard (termed riad in Moroccan) featuring a blue mosaic fountain in its center. Inside, its pink clay walls and mosaic-decorated staircase also add to its Arabesque character as well as the decor of each of its guest rooms; said to be inspired by the tales of Alf Leila We Leila with their Islamic, ogee archways and star-shaped copper hanging lights.

Dahab is a place known for its laid-back vibe and Alf Leila Boutique Hotel is no exception. Guests can relax and enjoy a simple game of backgammon or read a book on its small balcony overlooking cacti trees. They can also activate their adventurous side by trying out diving or tap into some history by checking out the famous St. Catherine Monastery.

Bear in mind that it’s a very simple and modest hotel and may not have the same quality offered by other five-star accommodations.

Price: 1100 EGP per night

La Maison Bleue

Situated in Egypt’s lavish town known as El Gouna, this 19th Century style grand mansion with its steel blue exteriors overlooking the Red Sea. Amr Khalil, its designer, was inspired by 18th to 20th-century architecture, especially from countries like Italy, Turkey, and Syria. Within its walls, you’ll find towering columns, elaborate doorways outlined with inlaid porcelain and extravagant chandeliers.

It houses 11 charming suites each with its own personalized style. Offering both premium and super premium suites, the decor is classical, focusing on pastel colors with luxurious fixtures like chandeliers and ornate carpets. The rooms are also quite spacious, feeling almost akin to a standalone house. The mansion is also well-known for its privacy. Guests get access to an exclusive lagoon, spa, and beach. To dine, there’s the classic restaurant or the laid-back pool bar.

Bear in mind that prices can be quite steep due to it being a luxurious mansion and its location in El Gouna.


Lazib Inn Resort & Spa

Fayoum, an oasis known for its lush flora and fauna, houses the Lazib Inn Resort & Spa. In this Tunis Village, you’ll find this countryside villa standing atop a green hill. Founded in 2015 by Olivier Masson and Nanette Masson as a way to escape the bustle of the city, this retreat seeped into Fayoum’s culture and character. From its domed pink clay exterior to its surroundings of palm trees and vibrant green landscapes and view of the Qaroun lake, guests will get to experience the true essence of the famous Oasis.

It houses sixteen uniquely styled large suites, plunged in earthy, warm colors with handmade carpets and art pieces hanging on its walls. With such an estate, relaxation is eminent to the extent that some guests feel there is not much to do. With the famous art hub, Tunis Village, minutes away, a great alternative would be for guests to venture outside its walls and head there on foot. There, they can tap into their artistic side and take up some pottery classes or check out the handmade local handcrafts.


Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary

Amidst the expanse of white sands of the Egyptian desert lays the Al Tarfa Desert Sanctuary, a peaceful eco-friendly property situated at the Oasis of Dakhla. The Dakhla is considered one of the more remote oases out of the 7 known in Egypt as it is pretty far from both the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. It is home to several villages as well as old ruins that date back to Pharaonic times.

With the Al Tarfa, its twenty suites mirror the architecture of the surrounding village. Its rooms were built using local materials. Characterized by sandy-colored walls with ceilings of interwoven palm fronds, the interiors really do bring a taste of the desert indoors. The outdoor scenery is also quite special. Dining options include outdoor seating on tables that overlook the towering palm trees of the Oasis overlapping with the yellow sand dunes and beautiful sunset.

Venturing outside the sanctuary, there are several historic relics that can be explored including Pharaonic and Persian temples as well as Coptic monasteries. For the lovers of treks and hiking, guests can join a Bedouin guide atop a camel to explore the local nomadic culture along the desert.

Bear in mind that to book a room, you will need to call the property. Online booking is not available.

Price: 1500 EGP per night

Villa Belle Époque

Tapping into Cairo’s past, this 1920s villa in the district of Maadi brings together a blend of art and history. Its a mirror of Egypt’s colonial past with traces of modernity. The area surrounding this property was once home to Cairo’s richest residents, living in large mansions that today have been converted to embassies. Villa Belle Époque encompasses that time period with elegance and grace.

Housing five types of accommodation, from a deluxe single room to a premier suite, most of their rooms consist of uniquely patterned walls adorned with Egyptian paintings coupled with dark brown furniture. Their restaurant exudes the same decor and offers an International menu from Thai tom yum soup to Italian homemade salmon ravioli. Their dining did receive mixed reviews so as an alternative guests can also leave the villa to explore the beautiful neighborhood of Maadi and try out any of its melting pot of restaurants and cafes.

Prices: 3500 to 5750 EGP per night (Depending on Room Type)

Anakato Nubian Experience

Egypt is not just known for its expansive desert and its Red and Mediterranean Sea, there’s also its meandering Nile river. Situated opposite the town of Aswan in the very South of Egypt is the Anakato Nubian Experience, a collection of bed and breakfast stays along Aswan’s West Bank.

Guests get to stay in Nubian-styled houses that are known to have extremely vibrant colors ranging from orange to blue. These houses would overlook the river meaning guests can also partake in activities like kayaking and boat tours to Islands like Soheil and Elephantine. As the property is also near the desert, there is also the option of action-fueled activities to try out including sandboarding and hiking.

It is important to note that some guests mentioned that this Nubian village was more of a touristic rather than an authentic portrayal of the local life and culture.

Price: 1400 to 1700 EGP per night (Depending on Room Type)

If you are dropping by Egypt soon and want to get a real taste of its diverse landscape and culture these boutiques will give you a glimpse of what the country has to offer.

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