Saudi Arabia’s NCA Set To Host The Global Cybersecurity Forum In November

Cybersecurity is essential for numerous reasons, including the rise in cybercrime, the value of everyone’s data, the financial costs associated with cybercrime, and the threat that cyberattacks pose to real-world security. Today, Saudi Arabia, a nation that is investing much in expanding its capabilities and is quickly emerging as a world leader in space, prioritizes cybersecurity. The Kingdom was ranked 13th overall out of 175 nations on the International Telecommunication Union’s 2018 global cybersecurity ranking, making it the top-ranked Arab nation.

The Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), which founded and will host the Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF), will hold its event in Riyadh on Nov. 9 and 10, 2022, according to Gulf Business. Rethinking the Global Cyber Order is the theme of the two-day conference, and it will focus on the fast-changing macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.

Following its 2020 debut and the virtual dialogue in 2021, this year’s in-person event will bring together important decision-makers and executives from around the world, including high-level government officials, c-suite executives, international organizations, expert communities, NGOs, and academia. To achieve its goal of assisting in the creation of a more secure and resilient cyberspace, the event will examine a number of sub-themes that span a wide spectrum according to Zawya.

Geo-cyber evolution, the first sub-theme, aims to map out and understand the changing global cyberspace order. Sessions will look at topics that portray the potential for stable and peaceful cyberspace, geo-technical competitiveness, and conflict. Under the second sub-theme, disruption frontier, present and potential cybersecurity threats will be discussed, and potential strategies will be investigated by utilizing emerging technology. Cyber economics, the third sub-theme, explores how market forces, incentives, and economic governance are used to influence cyberspace. The economic factors that affect online behavior will be examined in these sessions, along with the proactive, cooperative steps that the public and private sectors may take to drive cybersecurity innovation and a psychological examination of cybercriminals.

Cyber security has grown in the Middle East and nations like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which published its national cybersecurity policy in 2019 aim to build a secure and reliable cyberinfrastructure for future generations.

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