Epic Fail Moments In Series This Ramadan That We Just Can’t Let Go of

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Filmmaking has started flourishing again in the recent years, especially the TV dramas’ industry. Lately, we started noticing a lot of promising talents in the field, whether actors, directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters and more. However, many people seem to find their way to pitfalls that are just not for professionals. And who do we blame? Working hours! Filmmakers could work up to more than 20 hours in one day. The job is not as easy as it looks like at all and you don’t know how long filming only one scene could take. Even the most professional filmmakers make mistakes, but when you work for that long it’s not surprising at all to find ridiculous mistakes in your final cut, just like the following ones.

I think you’ve mistaken this with bloopers…

‏محدش من اللي ورا الكاميرا لا مصويرين ولا منتجين ولا اضاءة ولا مخرج ولا حتى هالة فاخر فكر يقوله ستوب يابني, مواعيد ايه اللي بزيارة يا حبيبي؟!

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Out of the endless mistakes found in Kalabsh, this one just makes me want to cry. It’s completely normal for actors to mess up the script while shooting. But what’s not okay is to include the scene in the final cut and actually air it like nothing happened!

Why swamp the editor with too much unrealistic work?

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No, really? Why? In this scene from El Rehla’s third episode, Walid Fawaz, aka Adam, was browsing his photo gallery when his phone rang. It rang, yet the screen still showed the photos! He even picked up… We know it was a fake call and all but at least bother yourselves and fake the shot as well, or at least don’t film a CLOSE UP on the phone!

Have you heard of the word “Raccord”? Better look it up.

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Unfortunately, El Rehla’s director strikes again on the eighth episode. Let’s put aside the fact that Riham Abdelghafour’s character, Rania, is supposed to be hiding from her psychopath husband and barely has any time to pay the hairdresser a visit. But let’s assume she actually does, how come her hair was wavy in one of the scenes, and throughout the whole series with a matter of fact, then all of a sudden it’s straightened as soon as she rushes out of the apartment looking for her daughter? Continuity is an integral part of filmmaking and missing out on these important details is no good. It’s too bad a brilliant work like El Rehla would actually fall into such a pitfall.

Okay, no comment..

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Really not sure whether it’s the director to blame for this one or everyone else. Where was everyone on set while this scene was shot? Your five-year-old nephew could actually notice this by the way.

If you’re going to copy, at least copy it the right way!

‏ده لو رحيم سترلينج مش حيعمل النطة ديه

Posted by Omar A. El-Sebaay on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Please do not assume your audience doesn’t watch Hollywood movies, because we do. If you want to copy, it’s fine, but at least do it right. We’re not going to discuss ripping-off this scene from The Bourne Ultimatum, nor Yasser Galal’s superpowers shown in the scene. It’s action, there are no rules of physics in action, we all know that. But why show him literally falling off the roof then he magically lands in the balcony right across the street? A couple of extra cuts while editing would’ve saved you some ruthless social media comments.

WE SAID THIS: Please give yourselves a break. You don’t have to be filming for 20+ hours a day and during Ramadan, while you could at least start filming a bit early and save yourselves all of this.

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