Nesma Mahgoub Embraces Her Natural Curls in Ramadan Advert

Every woman in Egypt by now has definitely heard of the term Heat Free. In case you’ve been under a rock this past year, women have been embracing their natural hair and curls and bedding farewells to their hair straightening products. Why? Because it’s hair abuse.

Facebook groups like The Hair Addict and Curly Girls in Egypt have been empowering women and encouraging them to throw away any damaging chemicals and going all natural. Moms have been especially excited about this low-key movement as this is a chance where young girls will start accepting and celebrating their natural looks and defy bullies everywhere.

Star Academy Arab World winner and renowned vocalist, Nesma Mahgoub, has been an inspiration for all of us. While her healthier lifestyle is written all over her new look, once again she chooses a path we all want to follow. In ElAraby Ramadan ad, the songstress rocks a curly bob and we’re obsessed. This is the best she’s looked in years.

The ad’s song “Lawla Antom ma Kona Hena” is filled with inspiration. From skydiving women and navy female captains, this is what we want to watch on tv instead of mundane actors.

لولا انتم ما كنا هنا| رمضان 2018

احب اشكر مجموعة شركات العربى على فكرة الاعلان الهايلة اللى خلتنى اقدر اشكر الاشخاص و على رأسهم اهلى و اختى و د. نيفين علوبة اللى وقفوا جنبى بعد ربنا و دعمونى و وثقوا فيا و فى موهبتى و اقدمهم للناس كلها .. و احب اقولهم: لولا انتم ما كنت انا .. لولا انتم ما كنت هنا

Posted by Nesma Mahgoub on Thursday, May 24, 2018

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