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Asma El-Husseini

Asma graduated AUC Art with an interest in fashion. She took several short courses in Central Saint Martins in Fashion Illustration, Styling and Fashion Design and decided to work as a freelance fashion editor, because she was literally crazy about anything fashion related. She worked in Pashion, Cleo and Campus as editor, stylist, illustrator and photographer. Just a few months ago she co-founded a brand called 3al Canvas where she could fuse her passion for fashion and art.

The Rise of the Fashion Bloggers

The Rise of the Fashion Bloggers

Years after my 15 minutes of fashion fame has come and dawned, I was sitting with a bunch of friends where usually conversations would flow full of shameful gossip, but that day, deciding to somewhat better ourselves, we started talking about fashion bloggers in Egypt. Little did I know this would be worse than gossip. […]

Azza Fahmy Collaborates With Matthew Williamson For London Fashion Week

Azza Fahmy Collaborates With Matthew Williamson For London Fashion Week

  There are some fashion freaks who wait months for fashion week, downloading live-stream apps and drooling over the beautiful artwork on the catwalks. This certainly goes for me. And then there are others who simply couldn’t care less about fashion week and only stumble across it online or in magazines. This goes for most […]

Whatever Happened To Sahel?

As an ex-fashion editor (a tiny part of my life that I like to dwell on), a friend of mine asked me what to pack for Sa7el. She hasn’t been there in five years and she wanted to know what’s the deal. I’m not a Sa7el person. I prefer weekdays over weekends. I hate the […]

Amina K Is Doing It Right

I truly admire fashion designers who do it right; mood boards, fabric collection, sketching, trend forecasting, harmony in design and a high quality end product. Amina K is one of the very few fashion designers in Egypt who’s doing it right. Truth be told, I’ve always loved Amina’s work, but I wasn’t IN love with […]

Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

Following Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Paul Gaultier comes the talented Marc Jacobs as Diet Coke’s creative director, as it celebrates its 30th anniversary. To mark this announcement, Diet Coke has released a jaw-dropping teaser in which the 49 year old designer strips naked in a Photo Booth. With the advert causing a huge commotion, everyone […]

Oscars.. Fashion

I’m one of those people who usually stays up all night watching the Oscars, I’d play sick the next day and not go to work. This year I was actually feeling sick so I slept early. Waking up so eager for the Red Carpet looks, it was either I was very cranky, or the Red […]

The Man Behind Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Outfit.

It was meant to make heads turn. It was meant to wow the crowd. It was meant to evoke criticism. It was meant for a superstar. And more importantly it was meant for Rubin to shine. Rubin Signer, the designer behind Beyoncé’s laser cut leather ensemble knew how to make a grand entrance. Known for […]

Men’s New Lace Undies

I was never a fan of men’s fashion week. The usual macho men play it safe, their swimsuits just got a bit shorter, their jeans a little tighter. The metrosexual had a little bit more creativity with color and was more daring in prints. But the silhouette remained pretty much the same.  God bless Tumblr […]

My Food For Thought: Cairo’s Fashion Report

A person with “limited” interests, like myself, always finds trouble reading the local publications. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a proud fashion bimbo. Whether its Community Times, Campus, Enigma (and might I say those are very prestigious publications) I always quickly flip through to the few pages of fashion where I can get my […]

A message to the brides of May

Being originally Syrian, I was genetically modified to fully examine the biggest day (or more of an obligatory achievement) of any girls’ life; the wedding. Trained from the age of 16 to note the smallest wedding details I would always carefully look at; the flowers, the tiara, the dress, the plate settings, the vibe, the […]