My Food For Thought: Cairo’s Fashion Report


A person with “limited” interests, like myself, always finds trouble reading the local publications. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a proud fashion bimbo. Whether its Community Times, Campus, Enigma (and might I say those are very prestigious publications) I always quickly flip through to the few pages of fashion where I can get my monthly fix. The rest of the magazine is irrelevant to me. Upon this new beginning of 2013, the first purely fashion local magazine has been launched; Cairo Fashion Report. 

With an artsy photoshoot by The Fashion Studio and some great fashion news bulletins, I got my fashion fix at the start of the year. Cairo Fashion Report is not a commercial glossy fashion magazine, but a few good pages to get all the info you need about all the fashion updates going on in our city. Away from the “IT” society features and the fashion nonsense that we see in some publications, its simple and to the point.

So for all those fashion bimbos like myself, or any other moderate fashion lovers check out Cairo Fashion Report.

Check out the first issue: