The Rise of the Fashion Bloggers


Years after my 15 minutes of fashion fame has come and dawned, I was sitting with a bunch of friends where usually conversations would flow full of shameful gossip, but that day, deciding to somewhat better ourselves, we started talking about fashion bloggers in Egypt. Little did I know this would be worse than gossip.

“Did you see what she was wearing last week?” “I love the shoes she wore to that party, but it didn’t match her dress.” I tried to keep up with the conversation but with my arrogance about acknowledging local talents, I only followed international fashion bloggers. I had no idea what they were talking about. So, in an attempt to avoid being completely forgotten for my fashion devotion, I decided to go home and do my homework.

I can only respond in one word: F***.

@aliaaelesseily keeps it stylish and classy - a combination most local fashion bloggers don't get...
@aliaaelesseily (pictured) is one local fashion blogger who’s actually doing it right

The concept of fashion blogging is to capture real, stylish people at their most natural form. Ehm. Natural my ass. Going through the local fashion bloggers (well most of them anyway) on Instagram was far from natural. Girls are trying to dress for the sole purpose of being noticed. So, the result is a scrum of over-accessorized, over-dressed, literally over-done girls taking pictures of themselves before every single outing. It’s like they created their own fantasy, a bubble of celebrity circus, a place where #ootd (outfit of the day) was their greatest accomplishment, and where they had fans and audiences.

I can’t grasp whether this is a result of disturbed psychological issues, the need to fit in the social bubble or simply an uneducated fashion background.

I can’t lump all local fashion bloggers together, because there are a few (very few) good ones, who are classy yet stylish, a combination many of our local fashion bloggers don’t think exists.

Keep it classy people. Class always wins.

For some reference of a classy local fashion blogger follow @aliaaelesseily.


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