7 Annoying Instagram Habits



We love Instagram. But some people just don’t get it. Here’s a list of seven habits we wish people would stop. #Please #Just #Stop


insta11. Posting inspirational quotes that inspire me to un-follow you

Like “DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!” First off, it’s way too early in the morning, please stop yelling. 2. Don’t forget to be awesome? Really? Let’s keep the motivation, wisdom and encouragement over shai rather than on my Instagram timeline.









Picture 262. Boring posts

Here’s a picture of a wall and a spoon on the ground. No, no not an artistic shot, or something way above my head, probably just an accidental picture — filter included? What is this? Why did I just wait for the infamous Instagram circle to load to be greeted by this nonsense? Same goes for a shot of your TV screen, or an empty Stella can. It’s even more frustrating when it’s a video: “my cat” doing nothing but cat things. That’s great. Instagram – you’re doing it wrong.







hashtags3. Endless Hashtags

#you #need #to #stop #doing #this #insta5ara










4. Live Updates

Honestly, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. Whether it’s your best friend’s wedding, your birthday, a night out at Amici, let’s leave the live updates for a FB album shall we? I like to think of Instagram as a “sweet and short” kind of social app. The more pics you’re posting of the same night with various poses, the more tempting the unfollow button looks. Keep it short guys.




5. Selfie Syndrome

This is a difficult one. I’m all for selfies every now and then – pre wedding, cool outfit, we all do it. But Selfie Syndrome is something else. “Here’s me before the gym, me after the gym, me waiting for the valet, me and the Nile, me and my food, me shaving, me in the morning and me at night.”




collage6. Instacollage

Here’s to the sneaky ones who are cool enough not to “live update” (see #4) but ultimately decide to squeeze a million and one pics into one post instead. FYI, Instagram is yet to have a zoom option. All I’m seeing right now is a bunch of tiny faces stitched into a whack Instagram puzzle. Not really sure what there is to like about that. Oh, and while we’re on this, let’s skip the birthday-buddy collages. High school was a while back.







7. It’s called “INSTAgram” for a reason

INSTA stands for instant, guys. #TBT is all nice and dandy for a while. Yeah, that’s an extremely cute picture of you on your first day of school. You wanna “Throwback Thursday”? by all means, go for it! But really, two or three Thursdays are more than enough for the whole of your Instagram posts. Also, it’s “throwback” – that means ALL the way back. No one wants to see your Sa7el pics in mid October. That’s over and done with, pumpkin.



WE SAID THIS: Let’s be real: We’re all guilty of one or two or, ahem, maybe all of these habits. Who are we kidding? We’re never quitting our beloved Instagram!