A message to the brides of May


Being originally Syrian, I was genetically modified to fully examine the biggest day (or more of an obligatory achievement) of any girls’ life; the wedding. Trained from the age of 16 to note the smallest wedding details I would always carefully look at; the flowers, the tiara, the dress, the plate settings, the vibe, the guests, the food, the chairs etc. The perfect wedding was mapped out in my head, and now Pintrest is doing it for me.

Bridging the age of 26 where I’ve been to more weddings than anyone should be allowed to go in a lifetime, the vision of a perfect wedding changed completely. I realized that no matter what you do people (and might I add that I was one of them) will criticize something about your wedding. “The tables don’t match.” “The centerpiece is too big,” “The centerpiece is too small,” “Her dress is too bride-like,” “Her dress is too different,” “There wasn’t a sushi buffet,” “The DJ was crap,” “Everyone was there but something was missing,” “The bride was too hyper,” And my all time favorite “Magaboosh Amr Diab leih?” Really, wouldn’t it be easier if we just kill the bride now? There is no perfect wedding, even the Royals had theirs criticized. There is YOUR perfect wedding.

So to the brides preparing for May, go ahead and prepare your perfect wedding. Its your day to celebrate and not to please the guests. If you don’t want a floral centerpiece, don’t do it. If you want a wedding on a beach wearing a Monique Lhuillier couture dress, do it. If you want a small cozy wedding, do it. If you want people to remember your wedding then just be the girl you are. With the political instabilities we’re going through, all that matters is that you have a good time on YOUR special day.