#WaraElMazzika: Composer, Producer, and Saxophonist Youssef Fawzy On Inspiration, Collaboration, and More

Via Youssef Fawzi's Instagram

In this edition of #WaraElMazzika, we had exclusive chat with one of the most talented musicians out there, Youssef Fawzi. Youssef is a brilliant music composer, producer, and saxophonist. He recently did a musical collaboration, “Sho Eshta’na Lehalayaly” with more than 25 artists, including singers, musicians, and renowned songwriter, Nesma El Shazly.

We got to discuss his inspiration, future plans, and how this collaboration came to be. Follow our hashtag #WaraElMazzika for more exclusives from the music industry.

How did your latest collaboration come to life?

It started as an idea for a video as part of my 30-day series I was making in Ramadan. It was supposed to be released in Eid but the project timeline was a bit challenging, especially that the video editor tested positive for COVID-19 which stretched the release date. There was a very intense feeling of isolation and unhappiness in the air which led me to the idea of creating something that would give people a breeze of optimism and hope.

What was the hardest thing about coordinating a project with so many different artists?

Data management was the trick! I made a very detailed system with folders for each artist with their instructions. Not to mention collaborating and phone calls with 25 people at the same time. Piece of cake wasn’t the word for this project!

What inspires your music?

My current emotion. Whatever comes out of me now is probably an audible portrayal of what i’m feeling at that current moment.

Explain to us your creative process.

The idea usually pops either in the shower, or just while staring at my nose. I imagine and visualize the final product in my mind, then it’s a process of how you’re going to get to your destination. Sometimes ideas can come to life with a few phone calls and by saying the right words.

What are your future plans?

Currently, I’m really focused on finishing some projects and growing my music production agency with my partner, Michael Pham.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see more from this inspiring artist.

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