Minister of Culture: UAE is About to Launch a New Orchestra for Emiratis and Residents!

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Her Excellency Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, Noura Al Kaabi, just announced the UAE plans to launch a national orchestra by the end of the year; celebrating the country’s rich musical heritage and talent. Ms Al Kabbi stated that plans were under way to attract both home-grown and international expertise to the orchestra, which she hoped would be running by 2019.

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“It makes one emotionally relaxed and happy; imagine our life without music? So we want people to participate and to help raise the name of the country.” Said the minister in front of around 4000 young Emiratis at a forum organised by the Federal Youth Authority in Abu Dhabi. Seventeen government ministers took part in the event, each giving a brief seminar on their ideas for the future of the UAE.

“You will not be distinguished by the bag you carry, or the game you play, or car you drive. You will be distinguished by your national identity; your cultural dialogue is your asset.” Added the influential role model.

WE SAID THIS: Who’s super excited to join already?