The Man Behind Egypt’s Salem Alta Moda

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, or never actually created anything with your own two hands, chances are at some point you have needed to find the perfect fabric. Maybe you needed a special lace to go with your dress for a premier or just a square meter of hand-embroidered fabric for the bodice of your wedding gown.


Via Salem Alta Moda


As it turns out, there’s really only one place to go in town for exactly what you’re looking for: Salem Alta Moda. Founded in 1905, this is the place to go for the crème de la crème when it comes to fabrics. For more than a century the brand has held its legacy of being on the forefront of international fashion; where some are cautious, says owner Ahmed Salem, Salem Alta Moda knows the value of taking risks.


“We are constantly providing the fashion society in Egypt with the finest and most premium quality of fabrics,” he said, keeping the local market up-to-date on the latest trends and seasonal colors. They carry premier fabrics designed and used by top-name fashion designers, including Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad.


Via Salem Alta Moda


“What gives us the edge is our fashion network and collaborations with the biggest designers in Egypt,” said Salem, “which gives us the opportunity to watch them evolve and accompany them throughout their journey.”


What’s more, they offer something for everyone. “We help designers fulfill their ideas and concepts in the best way possible,” he said. Other stores only carry what they know people will buy, staying on the safe side, he said. “But nowadays in Egypt, people are not afraid to be different, unique and sort of ‘crazy’ in expressing themselves through fashion,” he continued. “I can assure you that all of those will be able to find their taste in our stores.”


Via Salem Alta Moda


When it comes to working with young designers, Salem Alta Moda has seen it all. They can help young designers choose the right fabrics for their designs, or even help them find their vision when they don’t really know what they’re even looking for. The brand also offers advice on the journey young designers will face and often collaborates with them on different projects.


“The most rewarding part of working with young and upcoming designers is seeing them at the beginning of their career when they’re still trying to break into the industry and observing their growth throughout the years while they build their own name, while developing their taste and growing their talent,” said Salem.


Via Salem Alta Moda


It’s not always easy, though, and the greatest difficulty he has in working with young designers mirrors his criticism of other fabric stores: they’re afraid to be different.


“A lot of designers are afraid to be unique and crazy in their designs. I feel that they don’t have the courage to try out new designs and ideas,” said Salem. “They always want to be on the safe side. They are not creative enough and sometimes prefer being dull [rather] than edgy, which contradicts the current fashion scene in Egypt.”


Via Salem Alta Moda


Finally, Salem offered a few words of advice for up-and-coming designers: “Always believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to create unique and crazy designs. Always think outside the box because that’s what will make you stand out and help you establish a strong brand name in the fashion industry.”



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