Jerusalem 24: A Radio Show aiming to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians

Jerusalem 24 has announced the beginning of a new radio station that will broadcast news in Hebrew, with the major goal in mind to reach out to a wide range of Israeli citizens. Major news organizations have covered the ongoing Palestinian conflict for many years now. However, Jerusalem 24 on the other hand, intends to highlight all of the problems and obstacles Palestinians experience on a daily basis.

The Israeli audience, according to Rima Mustafa, a newscaster at a station in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah, listens to “media that speaks to them,” and don’t often listen to the other side.

Due to a large gap between popular knowledge and what is typically conveyed by the media, many Israelis are unaware of Palestinian society.

As a result, both Israel and the Palestinian Authority are facing low approval ratings in the West Bank, and Jerusalem 24 aims to change these statistics.

Jerusalem 24 has recently committed the majority of its programming to Palestinian NGOs, plays, and Arab music performances, and are broadening their horizons and creating an opportunity to provide a glimpse of underprivileged places that many are unfamiliar with.

This radio station serves as an example of how all sides should be revealed and educated on through a wide reaching channel of communication. Israelis can learn more about the difficulties Palestinians confront within occupied territories by sharing their tales, and become aware of daily life within these communities.

Sharing news and stories in Hebrew is another key and crucial aspect for Palestinians to reach out to Israelis and interact clearly and directly with them, and Israelis can also become more engaged with Palestinian society when they share their culture and traditions.

As Palestinian struggles and daily hardships remain under-covered, Jeruslame 24 offers a different approach on filling in the void of communication.

“Israelis don’t know about Palestinian society. Even I don’t know much. There is a huge gap between what we think we know and what is presented,” said Israeli personal trainer, David Haliva.

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