It Happens to Men Too: Tameem Youness Speaks Out About Being Sexually Harrassed

Via YouTube

In a very brave move, Creative Director and Social Media Celebrity Tameem Youness just posted a four-minute video speaking up about being sexually harassed when he was younger. In the video, Tameem opens up about a very disturbing experience that he went through when he was 22 years old with a well-known dentist.

He had something wrong with his teeth that caused him a lot of pain and required surgery. Tameem Youness’ fiancee back then told him that he can go to an extended relative of hers that is like a family doctor. In the video, Tameem speaks about how this doctor assaulted and touched him while he was most vulnerable and had open stitches.

Tameem didn’t only talk about the horrific experience he had to go through but also talked about how he felt on that day, and again years later when he saw pictures of this doctor on huge billboards. He talked about doubting himself when the harasser kept shouting and screaming, and about what he tried to do to protect himself while being completely stunned by the horrific situation.

The video is a brave move and has huge importance for so many reasons. First of all, to shed light on the fact that it happens to men too, and that no one is to blame but the harasser or the rapist. Last but not least, Youness called out those who are skeptical as to why so many girls are speaking out now, stating that he himself as a man couldn’t talk about his experience until now, not because it’s a trend, but because he was encouraged by all the brave survivors who are speaking out. We are so proud of all the brave survivors who have opened up about their stories recently, making massive strides in the movement against sexual harassment and violence.

WE SAID THIS: Stand up for yourself and always speak up when you experience something similar.