17 Most Offensive Social Media Moments that Left Egyptians Fuming in 2015

Another year of social media ranting has passed and Egyptians did not disappoint. The minute something impresses us, along come the haters to rain on our parades. It has been exceptionally difficult this year to be opinionated about anything without getting bashed by someone. As long as your neutral about everything that goes on around you, you are safe from cyber bullying. 

Here are 17 moments that offended more citizens than intended and caused vicious feuds between fellow Egyptians.


17. A GUC student got killed by one of the university’s buses and students led months of protests on campus and social media


guc protests



16. Obviously the hashtag ‫#طفل معة جيشة‬‎ and the photo were inappropriate on so many levels





15. ONTV reporter Lamia Hamdeen got quite the backlash after being caught carrying her sick son during an interview. Everyone later defended the working mother 


lamia hamdin



14. When a Travel blogger decided to call Egyptians honorless c*nts, we united like never before to put him in his place





13. The Etisalat Ad mocking Vodafone’s red genie left everyone accusing the advertising agency of playing dirty, forgetting that the genie was originally Mobinil’s idea





12. #‏عشان لو جه ميتفاجئش hashtag  went viral after previous Prime Minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, witnessed the state of Egyptian hospitals and acted surprised





11. TBS released a public apology after the multiple cases of food poisoning caused by Croissant Om Ali. Although the management investigated the situation in a highly professional manner, it didn’t save them from Egyptians’ wrath


Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 9.41.05 AM


10. When the most tragic sports incident of 2015 left everyone fuming after Zamalek fans lost their lives in a stampede





9. American hashtag #lovewins became a debate on Egyptian social media after some users decided to express their support





8. Mona Iraqi aired a police raid on a bath house accusing men of homosexuality. The TV anchor might have only considered ratings, never expecting facing jail time for defamation.





7. The hashtag مصرـبتفرح# got on everyone’s nerves, as many Egyptians were not enjoying anything





6.  Veiled women started the hashtag  ‫#‏مش_من_حقك_تمنعنى‬ after multiple reports of banning hijabis from entering night clubs and beaches surfaced





5. Sa3id Tarabeek‘s marriage to a younger actress must have been the worst breach of privacy someone had to endure this year





4. Reham Saeed was just being Reham when she showed personal photos of a sexual harassment victim claiming she had it coming. Egyptian social media managed to end her career





3. It took less than a day to damage the biggest tourism supporting hashtag #Thisisegypt by linking it to everything that is wrong with the country  





2. People instantly expressed saddness and compassion for the Charlie Hebdo victims with the hashtag#Jesuischarlie, only to be criticized by everyone who wants to relate this to an Arab tragedy instead 





1. If you used the hashtag #Jesuisparis, it means you didn’t learn your social media lesson from #jesuischarlie. No status goes un-judged, so unless you are ready for the storm, don’t type.




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