An Open Letter to the Travel Blogger Who Called Egyptians Honorless C*nts

Instagrammer @chrislovesadventure paid a little visit to Cairo and ranted about his dissatisfaction with his Egyptian experience to his 123,000 followers. Long story short, he called Egyptians honorless cunts. Thankfully, writer Lana Al Sennawy gave him a piece of her mind.







Here’s what Lana Al Sennawy had to say:

Honestly fuck @chrislovesadventure and his shitty review of Cairo. He may be right about the tipping, the poverty, the trash and pollution.. Yes cairo is dirty, cairo is crowded, cairo is loud, cairo is polluted, cairo is corrupt.. But to go as far as to say that you only need two days maximum in Cairo to see everything worthwhile!!! .. is just pure bullshit.. You either love or hate Cairo .. It’s not for the faint of heart, it’s not for those who want seven star hotels, squeaky clean streets, shiny cars and exotic orientalism to please tourists..

If you want that you should probably stay in Burj Khalifa. Your instagram shows how much you prefer Dubai over Cairo .. Says a lot about how great of an “adventurer” you are. A real traveler would appreciate the pulse pounding overwhelming insanity, intensity and chaos of this city.. it’s good and evil, it’s pure and filthy, it’s neon colored but smoke is wafting over its skyline.. It’s not for those who go to bed early, shops here close after midnight and some restaurants never close, it’s not for those who are afraid to get their hands dirty.

It’s not for foul-mouthed southern ignorant assholes from Dallas Texas, it’s not for show offs and braggers, Dan Bilzerian wannabes, pseudo travelers, uneducated douchebags, steroid pumpers, narcissistic selfie takers who write glorifying captions about themselves and their achievements because nobody else will, the newly rich or the Ferrari and Louboutins collectors who suffer from delusions of grandeur and who are by far the worst thing about social media which unfortunately gave them a voice to share their worthless wisdom, business lessons and inspirational bullshit with the world.

You are everything that is wrong with this world.. Entitled rich white people who think they are worthy of respect because they can blow off on a dinner more than a hardworking man makes in a year or because they own golden carpets (yes the douchebag owns a carpet made of gold) I know about your Louboutin obsession you bought every shoe he ever designed.. Louboutin worships this country and its people so much he bought a house in Luxor.. the people you just offended. So #FuckChrisLovesAdventure

Sorry for the rant



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