The Top 10 Ads of 2015

Hello good people,

One last article as we bid 2015 farewell (w neksar waraha kaza 2olla, mesh wa7da bas). Despite a rather futile Ramadan season, there has been some good work that stood out this year.

The key point to highlight here is that some of these ads have left a great impact on the audience and even though they well met their objectives, it is ironic that they didn’t see a minute on TV air… Hello digital screen :D!
This embarks a new chapter of Egyptian advertising, where we only produce content that goes solely online,  a trend which is expected to continue and grow in the coming years.

Without much analysis, in no specific order, I give you the best ads of 2015 sorted by release date.


UN Women – Mom’s name


Who said you can’t mention a woman’s name?  Why is it an insult anyway? Never knew why, never even bothered to think until this campaign came out… Great insight, great execution and a great cause. It’s time to Bring Back Mom’s name.



Nestle Crunch – Skinshayzar


Nestle continues being the notorious advertisers with rogue copies that break through the clutter every year, from Maxibon, Maxibon2, Mega Cookies and Crunch this year. Although, o be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the copy, but it definitely scored well with the audience, seizing a decent chunk of the social conversation during Ramadan.





Even though this was not the best of this year TV ads, the work done around it was just outstanding. Extending beyond what a regular brand would reach out to as media touchpoints, creating a new media channel from nothing and raising millions of pounds for a cause no one knew anything about.
My love with this campaign grows every time I re-read the case and see what they’ve done with it. It is just pure class.
In case you’ve missed it in Ramadan critiques, I have named this campaign winner of Ramadan 2015, read the full case here.



Mobinil – #Fa3el Kheir


Do it the first time, it’s a coincidence. Do it a second time, you’re obviously doing something right. Do it a third time, you’re good. But when you do it the 4th time, you’re a genius!

Mobinil continue with the format they invented 4 years ago, and they keep making it better and better.
It didn’t stop at the song format this year, but included a general “Do Good” campaign that extended to social and onground and went viral.



Vodafone – “Zaman El Sha2awa”


Love it or hate it, whether you think they said “ness-har” or “neskar fein” amidst the Holy Month, there’s no denying that the happiness that this copy brings makes people want to watch it over and over again.
It was even used as a music track to dance to in nightclubs throughout the summer!



Shay El 3aroosa


This ad represents Egypt in every way. It’s witty, funny, on-target and relevant… Bang! It might not be the best in terms of production, but that’s still staying true to the brand. Read the full analysis here.





This ad has some pretty genius insight. Come to think about it, half the car-lingo we speak, we don’t even understand and then we discover its been morphed from the French language to reach its current “Debryaj, Eksedam” state.



UN – Violence against Women


This ad was quite shocking from what we’re usually used to from a fun agency like FP7, but they played the melodramatic sense quite nicely with a very sharp copy that hooks the audience with a very strong message delivered at the end.



Bonjorno Instant Coffee


Om 3atef








Office boy


This was a funny copy that delivers very nicely on the gourmet coffee culture, but shows you can now have it in the comfort of your own home, without paying a fortune for it.



Honorable mentions: 


I didn’t originally include the ads I worked on in the list and to be honest, I don’t think these were amongst the best copies of the year, but it seems like they did resignate with the audience quite well.  Whether it was because they were good copies or people were happy seeing their childhood brands back from the dead on TV again, the Scoop Team thought they were good enough to add to the list, so here you go:


The comeback copies of the iconic Gersy and JellyCola.




Read the full article here.


That’s all for this time (and this year) folks. Happy holidays and have a great 2016 ahead of you. Until we meet again.



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