Iconic Egyptian Candies Jelly Cola and Gersy Made a Glorious Comeback and We’re Freaking Out

Cinema El Atfal, Mama Nagwa and Bo2loz, Boogie we Tamtam, 3amo Fouad, listening to mix tapes on Walkmans, Ramadan’s Fawazir, Alf Leila we Leila, Sherihan and Nelly are just some of the reasons why the 80s will forever be our favorite decade. Yet none of them meant a thing if we weren’t devouring our favorite and most iconic Egyptian candies:Jelly Cola and Gersy.

Last night, four Jelly Cola and Gersy ads surfaced on social media and we freaked out. Forget about the millennial nonsense that is going on right now, these candies were the real deal. Seriously speaking, popularity in school was having a full Gersy box back home. People would make friends with you just to get a bite of those Jelly Colas in your hand. Those were the kind of problems we had back then.

These ads took us down a delicious memory lane and we just had to speak to those responsible for this yummy nostalgia.

Ahmed Emad, Regional Manager – Media, Consumer Engagement and Agency Relations, explained, “The brands are Bimbim heritage that have been in the market for a million years. Everyone loves them and they don’t know why, they just do. Though this is not a full relaunch, the tactical copies serve as a good reminder than no matter how we have evolved and changed in life, our love for Gersy and the way we ate Jelly Cola will never fade. Some people dont realize they’re still on the market, so the ads should give them a little nudge.”

You can watch our new obsessions below:






Credits to:

Mondelez Team: Bassem AbdulGhani, Ahmed Emad, Mohamed El Maandi
Saatchi and Saatchi: Wael Nazeem, Ramy Badr, Omar El Tanany and Sandy Hanna
Breed Studios



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