Back to School Struggles that Were Too Real in the 80s

Sadly, next week the summer comes to an end and every kid and parent in the country is preparing themselves for school. From new clothes to bags and pens, parents are living a shopping spree nightmare.

No matter how many years go by, the back to school struggle will always be the same. Here’s the classic drama every parent and child had to endure in the 80s:



Ending your summer vacation early so you can find the uniform in your kid’s size before every store sells out





Finding a school bag with your favorite character that will endure the books’ weight, is affordable, dark enough so the stains don’t show and hopefully becomes the envy of every kid around





Finding this pen bag that screams 80s technology and playing endless games in class





However, boys and nerds always ended up with this one





Going to Lotfy and Zalat shoe stores to find your newest pair, whereas the parents who were willing to pay a bit more after being manipulated by their kids would go to Top shoe store





And for a good part of the 80s and 90s, you always ended up buying one of these two





Buying stocks of candy that you always finished before school started


choco لل



Buying tens of school notebooks and hating the mathematics ones because you knew you’d write outside of the tiny boxes, anyway





These pens and pencils were a must in every household





And so was the eraser that did nothing but destroy your notebooks





Getting revision books before the year even started





The Galad myth, where your mom would spend hours plastic wrapping your books in different colors thinking it will protect them.—Koko-Recycl-18



And, of course, no one went to school without the zamzameya that smelt like burnt plastic





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