9 Superpowers We Unknowingly Possess

child Head.Children Learn to think

We often stereotype superheroes as having muscles in abundance, super strengths, super powers and anything that is basically “super”. They also usually wear tights, capes and masks and their names most likely end with “man”, but actually so does “human”.

In the real world, humans actually possess several superpowers that we are not fully aware of:



1. Invisibility



In this era, when we deactivate all our social media accounts, we dissolve into thin air. Being on social media has become a status quo for us all and without it, we are nonexistent.



2. Reading minds


This one is actually so overrated, anyway. We would all die just to take a glimpse of a person’s mind. Well, it is plain simple: All we have to do is actually know that person. Besides, people are very predictable; once you know them, you can read them like an open book.



3. Mimicry


Originality has become a myth. It is even debatable if there is a single original idea out there. And with the rise of globalization, nations are being homogenized. Even on a smaller scale, individuals mimic everything they see on TV and as Chuck Palahniuk said, “Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy.”



4.  Mind control


Our text books in schools tell us bluntly that we are being controlled. And as media literate people, we are taught about “cultivation theory” and how everyone, us included, are being brainwashed by the media. Oh, the irony…



5. Endurance



You do not have to picture The Hulk for endurance as a superpower. On the contrary, our own abundant endurance can be enough to be mistaken for being callous.



6. Time manipulation


Daylight Savings Time, also known as summer, is when we advance the clocks by one hour in hot days according to our desires. But if Ramadan is in the summer, we skip doing this… Come on!



7. Talking to animals


1-animal talk
Let’s face it, we all talk to animals. Whether it is talking to our cats and dogs or even shooing an annoying fly. Nevertheless, they understand us and it is never one-way communication, is it?



8. Force field


A force field is allegedly an energy shield used to protect oneself. In other words, it can also be interpreted as living in one’s own bubble. Some respect for personal space…



9. Memory


child Head.Children Learn to think

Despite the fact that we sometimes have the memory of a fish, our memory is actually very good, even beyond our comprehension. Ever wondered who are these faces you dream of? Studies say that all those faces in your dreams are actually of those you have seen in real life, even if it was only for a fraction of a second.



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