From Modesty to Mystery – Here are 5 Meanings Behind the Hijab

Hijab is not for everyone, but some people feel empowered through it, and other people can’t relate. But, is the hijab merely about covering your hair? Is it merely driven by religious purposes? Perhaps. But for those who have connected personally with it, they will further come to identify with it through many different aspects. The hijab has so many meanings that go beyond societal expectations or religious followings. It could incorporate these categories, but it is not limited to them. After a careful look, we have found many meaningful identities and associations with the hijab for those who wear it. 


Via Chabad

For many women, the hijab follows a principle of modesty and simplicity. It is modest, because it is a means of not giving into societal pressures, and experiencing a kind level of humility. By redirecting your focus from the materialistic world and onto a bigger purpose, a genuine level of modesty is elicited. 


Many people think the hijab is oppressing, when it is in fact liberating. By owning it and staying true to who you are, you become authentic and empowered within yourself. The hijab is increasingly becoming a conscious choice, and when that is the case, it is accompanied by a sense of resilience against all social pressures. 


Wearing the hijab is not an easy task. You have to stop wearing certain clothes, withstand the heat during the summer, and most importantly, cover your hair. Even though it is often a choice, it is still a sacrifice that makes wearing it way more meaningful.


The hijab is a product of faith. It is done for God, and having trust in the process. Those who wear it are connected by a deeper meaning that is both rooted in themselves, and based on their own personal beliefs. 


Less is more. For any woman who wears the hijab, there are always going to be parts of her that aren’t revealed. And for many, that hidden puzzle, these unknown pieces, leave them mysterious to the observer. 

Whatever the reason you wear the hijab for, it is very important to hold onto it, and to keep it close to heart. It is not just a head cover. It is rooted in so many parts of those who wear it, and for that reason, it is important to remind ourselves each day why and how it brings us closer to who we are.  

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