Girl Squads We Love In Egyptian Movies

It is time for everyone to grab their favorite girls, get together, maybe grab a tissue box or two, and tune into the ultimate girl squad movies that have graced our screens. These Egyptian movies showcase some of the best on-screen female friendships we have witnessed so far:

Ahla El Awkat

Childhood friendships filled with nostalgia and memories that give us endless goosebumps hold a special place in our hearts. That is why “Ahla El Awkat” was a smashing success.

We get to watch as the main protagonist, Salma (Hanan Tork), reunites with her childhood best friends Yosra (Hind Sabri) and Doha (Menna Shalabi) as she tries to figure out the identity of someone who randomly sends her an old picture of her and those two friends.

Kalem Mama

Sometimes, many of us have to be a little rebellious with our parents to get our own way, and that is the case with “Kalem Mama.” When the legendary Abla Kamel refuses her daughter’s (Menna Shalabi) marriage, Shalabi and her girl squad get into some trouble to get their way.

Banat Wust El Balad

One of the most thriving and bubbling neighborhoods in Egypt has to be Downtown, home to a vibrant culture and arts movement.

In that district lies a world packed with stories, which is why the film Banat Wust El Balad was the perfect staging ground for the story of two working girls, Jumana (Hind Sabri) and Yasmin (Menna Shalabi), and their adventures in Downtown Cairo.


Banat Sanawy

If you and your besties are in that phase of transitioning into adulthood, this movie is for you. “Banat Sanawy” is all about the journey and vulnerability of working-class women who are on the cusp of adulthood. We get to join Jamila Awad, Huda El Mufti, Mayan Elsayed, May Elghety, and Hanady Mehanna as they discover who they are at the end of high school.


This collection of girl squad films covers everything from high school struggles to the difficulties faced as a working woman in Egypt. The films are all relatable and evoke the feelings of belonging you get when you’re part of a squad you know and love.

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