Barks and Brews: Cairo’s Pet-Friendly Café Scene

If you’re a pet owner looking for cool spots in Cairo where you can hang out with your furry friend, Cairo has some great pet-friendly cafes. These places are perfect for enjoying yummy food while spending time with your beloved pet. Let’s check out a few of Cairo’s top spots where you and your furry buddy can chill together.

The Dog Café

In New Cairo, there’s a special place just for dog lovers called The Dog Café. It’s a cozy spot where dogs are the main guests. You can enjoy a coffee or a snack while your furry friend plays and socializes with other dogs. With a big outdoor area made for dogs, this cafe is a fun place for both you and your pup.

Ratios Bakery

In the peaceful neighborhood of Maadi, Ratios Bakery is known for its tasty pastries and bread. What’s cool is they let you bring your pet along. They have outdoor seating where you can munch on freshly baked treats while hanging out with your furry buddy. It’s a nice, relaxed place to enjoy some downtime with your pet.


Ovio is a popular cafe chain known for its healthy menu and laid-back vibe. In the Maadi branch, they’re pet-friendly too. You can sit outside with your pet and enjoy a yummy meal or a cup of coffee. From salads to desserts, there’s something for everyone at Ovio, making it a great spot for pet owners to relax and enjoy some good food.


In the pretty 5A Waterway area, you’ll find FOUFA’S, a cozy cafe that welcomes pets. Whether you want breakfast or just a coffee break, FOUFA’S has a warm atmosphere where pets are welcome. Surrounded by greenery, their outdoor seating area is a lovely place to hang out with your furry friend.

Raf Coffee

For coffee lovers who also love pets, Raf Coffee is a must-visit. They have branches all over Cairo, and some of them are pet-friendly. While the rules may be different depending on the branch, many of them have outdoor seating where you can enjoy your coffee with your pet beside you.

Cairo’s pet-friendly cafes aren’t just places to eat – they’re havens where pet owners can relax and bond with their furry companions. Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat or a good cup of coffee, why not visit one of these cafes and make some special memories with your pet?

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