Ceasefire Talks: Israel Sends Delegation to Cairo to Discuss Deal

Families in Gaza rejoiced in tears once the news came out that Hamas accepted a three-phase Egyptian-Qatari ceasefire deal. In the same vein, the ceasefire hung in the balance as another part of the equation was still unaccounted for: Israel. Recently, Israel agreed to send a working-level delegation to Cairo to discuss the Hamas deal.

Who Is Part Of The Delegation?

The Israeli delegation is made up of Mossad (Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations), Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security service), and Israeli military representatives who arrived in Cairo to look into the Hamas deal.

As this delegation does not include any of Israel’s main negotiators, the team will discuss the proposal but will not negotiate. Qatar and Hamas are also expected to send representatives to Cairo to discuss the deal.

What Happens After?

Once the delegation completes its visit, it is instructed to send Israel’s war cabinet a preliminary report which they will convene over.

Beyond the war cabinet, there is also Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who made a statement yesterday about the deal, “I instructed our team who went to Cairo to continue to insist on the conditions necessary for the release of the hostages, continue to insist on the essential requirements for guaranteeing Israel’s security.”

Not only that, he made it clear that the deal Hamas agreed to was “very far from Israel’s vital demands.” Along with the ongoing discussions in Cairo, Netanyahu made it clear that the IDF will continue to fight against Hamas.

Seeing how the violence continues with talks and discussions happening in the background, it is unclear what course will be taken when it comes to the fate of Palestine.

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