Marwan Moussa Takes on The Netherlands In Upcoming Nawafiz Festival, Spotlighting Arab Music

Bringing his rap skills abroad, Egyptian rapper and producer Marwan Moussa will be joining a stellar lineup of diverse artists that includes the mahraganat duo El Sawareekh at the first edition of the Nawafiz Arabic Music Festival. The festival will take place at Utrecht in The Netherlands on May 24th.

The festival is all about exploring and celebrating Arab artistry, music, and culture. Attendees will enjoy a plethora of performances from the SWANA region (South West Asia North Africa) along with delicious food. They will get to truly get into the heart and soul of Arab music.

Representing Egyptian rappers, Moussa will be slaying the stage during the festival. He is one of the major rapping powerhouses in Egypt. Taking over the music scene in 2020 with his hit ‘Sheraton,’ he has been garnering a cult following ever since.

Known for his lyrics that are akin to a tangled flow of thoughts coupled with his warm melodies and clear drums, the rapper knew how to rise up the ranks.

Seeing how the festival promises a special dive into the diverse tapestry of Arab music, it is a great event to hit up during the month of May. Stay tuned as more information will be out including where to get tickets.

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