When Kim Kardashian Said “Free Everybody” & The World Responded

While sitting among a panel of speakers at the business festival in Hamburg, Kim Kardashian got interrupted by a protestor who belted out “Free Palestine.” At that moment, Kardashian was very calm, and when she got a moment to speak, she responded in only two words: “Free everybody.”

From there, a ripple effect of rage surfaced across social media platforms, as people felt a slew of mixed emotions toward the celebrity’s response. Some supported her stance, believing that there was nothing she could do about the ongoing war.

On TikTok, one commented, “Y’all, what is Kim supposed to do? Stop the war?” While another shared their sentiment by commenting “What is Kim supposed to do about it?”

On the complete other side of the coin were commenters who were shocked by her response and even responded to those who said that Kardashian could not do anything. A TikTok user with the handle Midnights Darling said,”‘What do they want her to do?’ Hasn’t she got a law degree and is a billionaire? There is a start.”

Mockery and sarcasm were flowing in as well. “‘Free everybody’ is top 10 craziest things she’s ever said,” one commented, while another said, “Kim is having the worst week, and I love it.”

This wasn’t the first time that she was thrust into the negative limelight when it came to Palestine. She sparked controversy last Christmas when she shared the unique way she wrapped her Christmas gifts on her Instagram story.

Her gifts were wrapped in white cloth. The problem was that she used white SKIMS cotton cloth, which resembles the white shrouds that cover Palestinian martyrs. 

Unlike stars like Macklemore, Kardashian has not made an active announcement of support for Palestine nor a condemnation of the atrocities happening all the way in Gaza.

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