From Halloween To Christmas: Is Kim Kardashian Mocking Gaza Or Is This All A Misunderstanding?

Known to turn heads as one of the most popular TV personalities, Kim Kardashian once again sparks controversy after recently sharing the unique way she wrapped her Christmas gifts on her Instagram story. With the theme being white, underneath her snowy white Christmas tree was a set of gifts wrapped in white cloth. The problem was that she used white SKIMS cotton cloth that resembles the white shrouds that cover Palestinian martyrs. That resemblance was immediately taken as a subtle mockery towards Palestine and the ongoing conflict, sparking a wave of backlash all over social media platforms.

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On X, one user made reference to the recent Zara campaign that had mannequins covered in a similar-looking white cloth and how Kardashian knew what she was doing, “This is the wrapping of Christmas gifts of the a$$hole #KimKardashian! After the Zara campaign, she definitely knows what she is doing!” The severity of the backlash is because of how this is not the first time that Kardashian made subtle references to Gaza.

Back on Halloween, she posted a photo of her kids dressed up as injured children with blood on their bodies while wearing Arabic language name shirts. A social media storm ensued with one user, Ala Hamdan commenting: “So @KimKardashian thought it’s fun and playful to dress kids in this Halloween outfit: Injured boys, blood everywhere, clothes with ARABIC on them, shredded shirts.”

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When posing the question of whether Kardashian’s scandals are intentional or is it merely that the media is overanalyzing the situation, in this particular instance, intentionality may win the argument. The reason for this is because of how Kardashian made it clear on Instagram that she supports Israel. Her stance was made clear and so for many, the way she celebrated Halloween and Christmas was seen as involving mockery of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Let us know what you think, is Kardashian being intentional or is it all in our heads?

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